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Master Cleanse: Day 5


Happy New Year!!

Morning Weigh-in: 148.2 lbs

Today’s Intake:

7:54 am – 1 quart salt water

I am loving the simplicity of this cleanse.  Just two teaspoons of salt, plus water, to start the morning.  I ate ice the rest of the  morning.

During one of many trips to the RR, I pressed on my stomach to massage the colon and experienced way more elimination.   I was already feeling just fine before — no dizziness, weakness, or headaches.  I felt even better after helping things along in this way.  I did it because every time I moved, I can hear and feel the latest quart of fluids sloshing around inside!

11:51 am – 1 quart lemonade

I sipped this quart while watching The Matrix, one of my fave movies, and playing Sudoko.  I love the part where Trinity says, “You know that road.  You know exactly where it ends.  And I know that’s not where you want to be.”  It applies to so many things for me, and at this moment, it is the familiar road of cooked food versus the raw food path.

Let it all go…fear, doubt, and disbelief.  Free your mind.

~ The Matrix

3:16 pm – 1 quart lemonade

4:14 pm – 1 cup mint tea

5:03 pm – 1 quart lemonade

8:48 pm – 1 cup herbal lax tea

I ordered some Khadrawy dates from 7hotdates.  I will need them next week!  I’m very much looking forward to eating again.  My mouth is salivating looking at raw vegan recipes.  When I get back to eating, I plan to eat mostly fruit and keep it close to 80/10/10 at least for a month.  I really want to work on taking in the seemingly large amount of fruit on a consistent basis and getting used to it.  Then, I may stick to raw for longer than a month.  For good would be nice.  = )

How synchronistic!  I just received and signed up for FullyRaw Kristina’s 21 Day Challenge. This is perfect as I prefer to eat LFRV, and the program will be beginning as my cleanse is ending.

Master Cleanse: Day 2


Morning Weigh-in: 150.2 lbs

Today’s Intake:

8:44 am – 1 quart salt water (finished 9:30 a)

12:30 pm – 16.9 oz water

1:30 pm –  1 quart lemonade (finished 1:48 p).  I’m so thirsty right now!  Much more thirsty than yesterday.

2:30 pm – 1 cup mint tea.  Mint tea can be taken throughout the cleanse, and I really want a cup.  I used 10-12 leaves of fresh, locally grown mint. Just the leaves and hot water.

Fresh mint tea

Fresh mint tea

4:03 pm – 1 quart lemonade.  As I’m drinking this second round of lemonade, I already feel I want another quart.

6:04 pm – 1 quart lemonade

8:20 pm – 1 cup herb tea

The cleansing is constant throughout the day.  There truly is no need for any added fiber, psyllium husk, or any other supplement, as the book says.

Master Cleanse: Day 1


Yep, doing another fast. = ) This time I’m documenting online as I go.  So, I am doing Stanley Burrough’s Master Cleanser routine for the first time.  Reading about it during my recent juice fast got me curious.  Plus, I came across this awesome blog from a second-timer.  Can it really do all that it claims to do in just 10 days?

I took the herbal laxative tea last night, as directed, using a Zija teabag my folks sent to me just to try. I’m sure they had no idea I’d use it to kick start a 10-day (or more) cleanse. = )

Starting weight: 152.6 lb

So, I starting drinking the quart of salt water this morning at 9:21 am and finished by 10 am — I loved this by the way.  It’s great warm!

And the cleansing begins…

11:25 am – first movement

12:15 pm – second movement

I’m very glad I stuck close to home this morning.  The salt water is supposed to flush through the whole intestine in an hour.  It was a hour and a half for me, but it was definitely flushed out! Thereafter, I went once an hour for the next three hours.

12:25 pm –  first lemonade concoction.  It is tasty, too! I made one quart, which is three batches of the recipe.  The cayenne made me sneeze, so I’ll use a little less for the next round.

My beginning stash

My beginning stash

Remember the cayenne!

Remember the cayenne!

The lemonade-maple syrup-cayenne drink

The lemonade-maple syrup-cayenne drink

2:30 pm – 16.9 oz plain water

I had family in town today, so I met them at the mall in the afternoon.  I don’t really like going out when starting something new, especially a cleanse, but life must go on.  I didn’t mention the cleanse to them.  I just bought a couple of 17 oz bottles of water while there and made the second round of lemonade when I got home.  Already, I noticed that my desire for ice was less (I have quite the ice-eating habit).

7:02 pm – second round of lemonade

9:30 pm – herbal tea

A Prayer for Detox Support

“Dear God and the angels, please support me on my journey toward greater health. I am now ready to release unhealthful foods and beverages from my diet. I can understand your messages and wish to follow your guidance to detox from unhealthy, processed food. I pray that you adjust my cravings so that I only desire healthful and high-vibrating foods and beverages. May my health improve immediately and repair my energy. Thank you.”

(From “Angel Detox” by Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves, ND)

~~ Master Cleanser wisdom ~~

* We can create healthy bodies by using the right foods and eliminating highly toxic and mucus-forming foods.

* …deficiencies also produce toxins because of the deterioration of the cells.

* Infections are not “caught,” they are created by Nature to assist in burning our surplus wastes.

* People build strong, healthy bodies from the correct foods or they build diseased bodies from incorrect foods.

* When blood sugar is below normal, a person will feel depressed.

*As we eat the correct foods without excesses, the body will produce ALL the needed vitamins.

* The need (for protein) is highly exaggerated as only 16% of our body is protein.

* The most wastes are eliminated by breathing; next in order are the skin, the colon, the kidneys, and … from the sinus.

* …first cleanse the body before the right diet can be properly used.