Master Cleanse Break: Day 2

Morning Weigh-in:  143.6 lbs

7: 57 am – 1 quart Cara Cara OJ
The juice is going down more quickly.  It only took an hour today.  On a side note, I actually had a movement this morning.  Those were refreshingly missing yesterday!

I juiced the Cara Cara’s and Valencia’s separately today.  Yesterday, I just grabbed whichever variety of orange.  I wanted to see their distinct, different colors once finished. = )

Juicing Cara Cara's

Juicing Cara Cara’s

Juicing Valencia's

Juicing Valencia’s

Cara Cara on the left; Valencia on the right

Cara Cara on the left; Valencia on the right

I didn’t juice as much Valencia as I wanted, due to time, so I will probably head to Urban Juicer to make up the difference.

10:08 am – 22 oz Valencia OJ (finished drinking it at 10:36 am)
My arms are sore from juicing!

1:00 pm – 24 oz fresh OJ from Urban Juicer

My cycle started tonight.  In hindsight, I realized I didn’t have any cramps during the cleanse, and the mood dips were barely noticeable.

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