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Master Cleanse Break: Day 3


Posting Thursday’s notes…

Morning weigh-in: 143.8 lbs

7:57 am – 26 oz orange juice

Drinking the juice is going pretty slowly again today.

At this point, there is no conflict between breaking the cleanse (per the Day 3 instructions in Master Cleanser) and participating in FullyRaw Kristina’s 21-Day Challenge — orange juice for breakfast, raw fruit for lunch, and raw fruit or veggie salad for dinner.  I feel like I have been anticipating this day forever!

I combined 2 pints blackberries, 1 lb. strawberries, 5 kiwis, and a pom.  So, I have a good 7 cups of fruit for lunch. According to cron-o-meter, it is an 837.3 calorie meal!  I’ll probably be working on it ’til dinner!  Lunch is supposed to be 700 to 800 calories, so I’m well in the clear.

Raw Fruit Lunch

Raw Fruit Lunch

For dinner, I started with banana ice cream and strawberries.  Yums!  And finished with a low-fat raw vegan (LFRV) dish of lettuce, cucumber noodles, and a papaya dressing.  The recipe is from RawsomeHealthy.  The dressing turned out greener than I expected, but it was soo delicious! Double yums!!

First Course Dinner:  Banana ice cream + strawberries

First Course Dinner: Banana ice cream + strawberries

Second Course Dinner: Salad w/ Cucumber Noodles

Second Course Dinner: Salad w/ Cucumber Noodles

Eating went very well today.  I maybe had a  cup or less of  fruit leftover from lunch.  That’s fine, considering the fruit totally filled my 7-cup container, which I packed for the work day.  So, I’m glad I ate that much.  Lunch?  Dinner?  Ate all of it!!


Master Cleanse Break: Day 2

Morning Weigh-in:  143.6 lbs

7: 57 am – 1 quart Cara Cara OJ
The juice is going down more quickly.  It only took an hour today.  On a side note, I actually had a movement this morning.  Those were refreshingly missing yesterday!

I juiced the Cara Cara’s and Valencia’s separately today.  Yesterday, I just grabbed whichever variety of orange.  I wanted to see their distinct, different colors once finished. = )

Juicing Cara Cara's

Juicing Cara Cara’s

Juicing Valencia's

Juicing Valencia’s

Cara Cara on the left; Valencia on the right

Cara Cara on the left; Valencia on the right

I didn’t juice as much Valencia as I wanted, due to time, so I will probably head to Urban Juicer to make up the difference.

10:08 am – 22 oz Valencia OJ (finished drinking it at 10:36 am)
My arms are sore from juicing!

1:00 pm – 24 oz fresh OJ from Urban Juicer

My cycle started tonight.  In hindsight, I realized I didn’t have any cramps during the cleanse, and the mood dips were barely noticeable.

Master Cleanse Break: Day 1


Posting yesterday’s notes…

Morning Weigh-in: 144.8 lbs

8:01 am – 32 oz orange juice (OJ)

I juiced 64 oz of OJ this morning to take to work.  The  Cara Cara oranges yielded  at least 4 oz of juice a piece; the same for the organic Valencia oranges.  I had only four oranges left afterwards.  So, I may stop by Whole Foods or Urban Juicer for lunch.

Juicing Cara Cara and Valencia oranges

Juicing Cara Cara and Valencia oranges

Juiced and ready to go!

Juiced and ready to go!

The Master Cleanser book advises to drink the juice slowly.  No worries there! I wasn’t able to gulp it down like I thought I would.  I started to feel full after a few sips.  It’s going pretty slowly, naturally.  = )

An hour into it, I’ve only drank half a quart. I finally finished the first quart at 10:30 am…two and a half hours after I began!

I’m glad I didn’t fix a smoothie or other food to eat today.  I would not have eaten all of it.

12:00 pm – 1 quart OJ (sipped on it til 3:25 pm)

I shopped for more oranges on my lunch break.

7:08 pm – 1 pint OJ

Reflecting on the Cleanse
This cleanse was very gross. It’s most definitely referred to as a “cleanse” or a “flush”, as opposed to a “fast”, for a reason!  I was constantly flushing, in every sense of the word.  This detail is one that I didn’t even really think about.  For other detox programs that I’ve done, sure, there is some cleansing and elimination going on the first couple of days.  But on this cleanse, it is every day!  Throughout the day!  It is not so bad that you could not make it to the restroom in time, but it is very close.

And I never noticed the white tongue thing.  I didn’t seem to experience it.

Still eating ice!  Though I haven’t craved or eaten as much ice as usual.

I feel very alert, and my stomach is quite calm.  I have lost 8 pounds so far.  The cleanse is over, but breaking the fast lasts three days.  So, I’m still monitoring results.

I started out thinking I would do it for “10+” days, but ten days was more than enough for me!  I’ve been wanting to eat for days, though I experienced only a little hunger.  I debated about how to break the cleanse, but since I’ve put in the “work” for ten days, I would not want to ruin it by jumping back into eating.  It’s only for a couple more days…I can do it!

I don’t know that I would do this cleanse again!  It was cool to do once for sure.  If I should just need it for some reason in the future, I definitely would do it again.  It was simple, and the lemonade was yummy.

Master Cleanse: Day 10


Morning Weigh-in: 143.8 lbs

Today’s Intake:

6:18 am – 1 quart salt water

8:54 am – 1 quart lemonade

1:00 pm – 1 quart lemonade

4:14 pm – 1 quart lemonade

7:00 pm – 1 quart lemonade

10:16 pm – 1 cup herbal laxative tea

I had a headache around 11 pm last night, and I’m not one prone to headaches.  It felt like one caused by hunger.  It only lasted ten minutes, then passed.

It was pretty frigid and icy this morning, so I worked from home.  So glad it’s the last day of the cleanse!  It already feels weird that I will not have salt water or lemonade in the morning.  lol I finally decided to have the OJ to break the fast.  I planned to juice today and tonight in order to be prepared for tomorrow, but that didn’t quite work out.  Hopefully, I will get the oranges juiced in the morning.

Master Cleanse: Day 9


Morning Weigh-in: 145.0 lbs

Today’s Intake:

8:10 am –  12 oz herbal laxative tea

9:50 am – 1 quart lemonade

11: 30 am – 6 oz water

1: 45 pm – 1 quart lemonade

5:57 pm – 1 quart lemonade

7:54 pm – 1 cup mint tea

9:00 pm – 1 cup herbal laxative tea

I got up at 3:25 am to use the restroom and found my energy  bottomed out.  I felt hot, flushed, and on the verge of passing out.  I had to lie down immediately.  When I felt a little more stable, I made it to the fridge to eat some ice, which helped.  The ratios of lemon juice and maple syrup were likely off yesterday and the day before.  It would also explain why some of my mixes have been much darker than normal…and I thought it was due to the dark syrup!  I called myself eyeballing how much lemon juice it takes to make three batches in one quart — six tablespoons, which comes halfway up the first line on my Mason jar, so 2 ounces.  And the same amount for the syrup.  I’m going right back to measuring!   Or perhaps I just got too hot.  My heat was on at least 80 degrees.  I felt completely fine when I got up for the day around 7 am.

A quart from yesterday...a little too much syrup!

A quart from yesterday…a little too much syrup!

I was kinda surprised I lost two whole pounds since yesterday morning.  The massage and sauna likely contributed.

I’m drinking the laxative tea first thing again, since I’m going to a special fellowship service to commemorate Master Yogananda’s birthday later this morning.  The herb tea works much more slowly than the salt water flush.

At this point, I’m going back and forth as to how I want to break this cleanse — do the two and a third days of orange juice (OJ) as recommended OR just have a smoothie Tuesday morning.  I wonder if Burroughs knew of smoothies when he wrote the Master Cleanser book?  A smoothie seems to me to be easing back into eating, too.  It is also how I broke my last fast.  One minute I think “I’ve done ten days, what’s two more?”, and the next minute, I just want to get on with it!

Master Cleanse: Day 8


Morning Weigh-in:  147.0 lbs (again)

Today’s Intake:

7:10 am- 1 pint herbal laxative tea

10:45 am – 1 quart lemonade

11:55 am – 10 oz water

12:45 pm – 10 oz water

2:00 pm – 1 quart lemonade

5:45 pm – 20 oz water

7:42 pm  – 1 quart lemonade

10:00 pm – 1 pint herbal laxative tea

I drank the herb tea instead of salt water this morning because of the massage and sauna treatment today.  Don’t want too much moving around!

The massage and sauna were so relaxing!  The sauna reminded me of a banya.  I had to walk outside to get to it. The inside was so nice ~ wooden and heated by hot coals.

Later, I was yelping “vegan” and came across a restaurant in Nashville with raw entrées on the menu!  It’s called Spark of Life.  It looks like they just opened last year, so fairly new, and are already expanding!  I wondered how I’d missed that!  They appear to be regrouping and reopening later this month.  Yay!!  On days I’d prefer to eat out, this restaurant will be perfect!  And it’s pretty cool that there’s a vegan delivery service in the area.  It’d be even cooler if they offered raw vegan dishes, too, if they don’t already.

The cleanse is almost over!! Only two more days.  Wo-hoo!

Master Cleanse: Day 7


Posting yesterday’s notes…

Morning Weigh-in: 147.0 lbs

Friday’s Intake:
5:57 am – 1 quart salt water

8:21 am – 1 quart limeade
I juiced the limes at home and stored in a pint for the ride to work.  I use a sink strainer (that’s never been in the sink!)  to keep out the seeds.  The limes were pretty firm, even after rolling, so I made some cuts in the flesh to get the juice out.  Four were enough for 3 batches (or 6 tbsp) in one quart.    The limeade was a bit more tangy but a nice, refreshing change.

Cutting limes to get to the juice!

Cutting limes to get to the juice!

Juicing limes through the strainer

Juicing limes through the strainer



11:04 am – 1 quart lemonade
Lunch was fun…and cold!  I went to the Farmer’s Market for some butternut squash.  I got those, some Roma tomatoes, Kentucky-grown Shitake mushrooms, and red onion.  Stocking up!

1:06 pm – 1 quart lemonade
Annnnd, I’m about out of maple syrup again!

4:13 pm – 16 oz warm water
More groceries!  While shopping for maple syrup at Fresh Market,  I continued to stock up on more fruits and veggies for next week.   As previously mentioned, I signed up for the FullyRaw 21-Day Challenge, though I plan to go at least a month all raw.  The shopping list for the program is super helpful!  I bought 10 small zucchinis, 4 large cucumbers, 3 heads Romaine lettuce, 2 celery, a bag of sweet peppers, an onion, apples, bananas, and even some small red watermelons! I felt somewhat self-conscious buying so much produce again, minus any packaged foods, as it usually draws looks or questions at the register.  I was having flashbacks from raw shopping trips past.  Then, I stepped back and noticed my large shopping cart was nowhere near packed!  Regarding what’s a normal amount to buy/eat, my perspective is in the process of shifting.  = )  I just hope I eat it all!!

7:23 pm – 1 quart lemonade

10:00 pm – 1 pint herbal laxative tea

Master Cleanse: Day 6


Morning Weigh-in:  146.8 lbs.

Today’s Intake:

6:30 am – 1 quart salt water
8:10 am – 12 oz water
9:00 am – 1 quart lemonade
11:00 am – 1 quart lemonade
1:14 pm – 1 quart lemonade
3:07 pm – 1 quart lemonade
8:20 pm – 1 cup herb lax. tea

Wow, I drank a lot today!   And, after today’s prep, I’m out of lemons again.  I think I’ll get limes this time, too, since the concoction can be made with either.  While I’m at it, I’ll probably stock up on at least some bananas and tomatoes so they can be ripening for next week.

I’ve cut down even more on the cayenne, as I can actually feel when it passes, as if I’ve had a big, spicy meal. = /  Now, I’m just using a pinch.  I can already tell it’s cleared away a lot, if not all, of any mucus.  The only other thing I’m noticing on Day 6 is that my stomach is quiet and peaceful, just like it is when I’m raw.  The elimination -type trips to the restroom (RR) slow down around 1 pm.  Phew!

By the way, I received an email confirmation that my dates shipped today.  They are fast!! I just ordered them yesterday evening.  Excited!!

Master Cleanse: Day 5


Happy New Year!!

Morning Weigh-in: 148.2 lbs

Today’s Intake:

7:54 am – 1 quart salt water

I am loving the simplicity of this cleanse.  Just two teaspoons of salt, plus water, to start the morning.  I ate ice the rest of the  morning.

During one of many trips to the RR, I pressed on my stomach to massage the colon and experienced way more elimination.   I was already feeling just fine before — no dizziness, weakness, or headaches.  I felt even better after helping things along in this way.  I did it because every time I moved, I can hear and feel the latest quart of fluids sloshing around inside!

11:51 am – 1 quart lemonade

I sipped this quart while watching The Matrix, one of my fave movies, and playing Sudoko.  I love the part where Trinity says, “You know that road.  You know exactly where it ends.  And I know that’s not where you want to be.”  It applies to so many things for me, and at this moment, it is the familiar road of cooked food versus the raw food path.

Let it all go…fear, doubt, and disbelief.  Free your mind.

~ The Matrix

3:16 pm – 1 quart lemonade

4:14 pm – 1 cup mint tea

5:03 pm – 1 quart lemonade

8:48 pm – 1 cup herbal lax tea

I ordered some Khadrawy dates from 7hotdates.  I will need them next week!  I’m very much looking forward to eating again.  My mouth is salivating looking at raw vegan recipes.  When I get back to eating, I plan to eat mostly fruit and keep it close to 80/10/10 at least for a month.  I really want to work on taking in the seemingly large amount of fruit on a consistent basis and getting used to it.  Then, I may stick to raw for longer than a month.  For good would be nice.  = )

How synchronistic!  I just received and signed up for FullyRaw Kristina’s 21 Day Challenge. This is perfect as I prefer to eat LFRV, and the program will be beginning as my cleanse is ending.

Master Cleanse: Day 4


Posting yesterday’s notes…

Morning Weigh-In: 148.4 lbs

Tuesday’s Intake:

6:35 am – 1 quart salt water

8:34 am – 1 quart lemonade

11:00 am – 1 quart lemonade

1:00 pm – 1 quart lemonade

3:00 pm – 10 oz mint tea

I didn’t have a chance to prepare the quarts this morning, so I took all the ingredients into work.  I juiced six lemons by hand into a pint jar.  I  made the mixture throughout the day as needed.

By 4 pm,  I am starving!  Looking forward to making another quart when I get home, as there’s not enough lemon juice left to make another batch.

When I actually made it home, I ate ice instead.  *shrugs*

6:00 pm – 1 quart lemonade

I scheduled a massage and sauna session for this weekend.  The most relaxing way to detox!