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Master Cleanse: Day 8


Morning Weigh-in:  147.0 lbs (again)

Today’s Intake:

7:10 am- 1 pint herbal laxative tea

10:45 am – 1 quart lemonade

11:55 am – 10 oz water

12:45 pm – 10 oz water

2:00 pm – 1 quart lemonade

5:45 pm – 20 oz water

7:42 pm  – 1 quart lemonade

10:00 pm – 1 pint herbal laxative tea

I drank the herb tea instead of salt water this morning because of the massage and sauna treatment today.  Don’t want too much moving around!

The massage and sauna were so relaxing!  The sauna reminded me of a banya.  I had to walk outside to get to it. The inside was so nice ~ wooden and heated by hot coals.

Later, I was yelping “vegan” and came across a restaurant in Nashville with raw entrées on the menu!  It’s called Spark of Life.  It looks like they just opened last year, so fairly new, and are already expanding!  I wondered how I’d missed that!  They appear to be regrouping and reopening later this month.  Yay!!  On days I’d prefer to eat out, this restaurant will be perfect!  And it’s pretty cool that there’s a vegan delivery service in the area.  It’d be even cooler if they offered raw vegan dishes, too, if they don’t already.

The cleanse is almost over!! Only two more days.  Wo-hoo!