Monthly Archives: February 2014

Three-Month Raw Experiment Begins!


Two weeks after completing a month on raw, I’m ready to go a little longer.  I started a Facebook Page to keep track of my three-month raw experiment.



Today just felt right.  After all, three months isn’t that long either.  This time around I am keeping a food journal on paper.  Although I keep up with my food intake in CRON-O-Meter, and there’s places to record notes, I think a journal will be great to look back on to see what worked best for me, as well as where I can reduce costs.  I’m excited!


One Month Raw: How Did It Go?


After the Master Cleanse, I successfully eased into all raw.  It lasted from January 9 through  February 9.  I actually lasted a whole month!  It’s the longest I’ve ever been purely raw.  In the past, I just couldn’t seem to get past the 3-week mark.

I posted (and am still posting) my raw meal pics on Pinterest.  It’s been fun and inspiring  making raw meals every day.  I felt so at peace, and so did my tummy!  There was some weight loss, but nothing dramatic.  Those things are pretty much the only things I noticed.  However, I’m not dismissing any results just because they appear to be subtle or minimal.  I realize that it’s only been a month.

Since my one month ended, I’ve had a cooked meal once a day, except for today, when I ate all cooked!  I was on vacation in California for the last ten days of my raw month.  When I got back last Monday, all I wanted was grits!!  And not the instant kind.  So I had my grits.  = )

Not so coincidently, I’ve had a touch of cold since Friday, and I almost never get sick!  I’ve also been really tired.  In eating cooked, I definitely expected to have an upset stomach or outright pain like in the past, but it was not the case this time…maybe because I didn’t overdo it.  I felt very cautious about what and how much I was eating when it came to cooked.  If I started to experience any nausea, I stopped!  Essentially, I’ve been high raw for the past week.

I’ve been reflecting all week on what’s next.  What I concluded is that I am going to do a 3-month raw challenge.  I think more than a month is needed to get even more settled into raw.  I attended the Raw Living Expo during this time and noted a lot of things I plan to try next, like sprouting.  I’ve sprouted before, but in Mason jars.  I plan to try some other methods of sprouting next to see what really works for me and my space.  Having attended Dr. Gabriel Cousens’ talk, I would really like to dig into finding out which raw foods work best for me.  And so the experiment continues!