Initially, I started this blog to see what it would be like to eat all fruit every day.  Nowadays, it’s about my raw vegan experiences, but here was the basis of my first fruit experiment…

Ok, so it’s not *THE* Fruit Experiment, but it is my fruit experiment.

I want to know:

– Can I live on fruit alone?

– How much fruit will I need?

– How much is this going to cost?

In essence, I’m experimenting with a fruitarian diet. There are many already doing the fruitarian thing, and I’m one more!


I have an insatiable curiosity! I’m vegetarian, plus I’ve been raw vegan at times. To think that people eat just fruit…is it even healthy?? Isn’t it too many sweets and not enough substance — you know, the green stuff?? I’m intrigued enough to find out for myself. As much as I love veggies, fruits have more of a simplicity to them that I really love! There are not many veggies I eat alone; whereas, fruits are perfect and ready to go as is. The simpler, the better!


Only a week! While I do intend to eat the fruit raw, I’m not trying to be raw again. If I just love the fruity way of life and can’t live any other way, then that’s another story. I still love cooked veggies, grains, and everything else meatless.


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