Day 1: Pomelo, 2 Oranges, and a Guava


And so it begins…

How much fruit?

This morning, the first day, I’m starting with what I have:

1 Pomelo

2 Oranges

1 Guava

Cost? $7.40

1 Pomelo ~ $3

2 Oranges ~ $1

1 Guava ~ $2.80

(Cost is rounded to the nearest .10 and includes tax.)

Weight Loss

Although I’m not in it for the weight loss, thought I’d keep track of that as well. My starting weight is: 145.2 lbs.

Kinda a meager start to last the whole day! But I could last on it, just for one day. I’ll go fruit shopping when I go out later.

Breakfast~ the Pomelo

A pomelo next to a regular-sized orange.

I’ve actually never had pomelo. It smells and looks like a grapefruit, except it’s larger. It’s about the size of a honeydew melon.

I got it, and the rest of today’s fruit, at a local Thai market.

Man, it’s delicious!! Sweeter than a grapefruit ~ takes the edge of the tartness off. And so, just half of a pomelo was sliced into 6 large pieces and filled up a bowl. It was enough for breakfast. (Sidebar: If I ever make raw vegan sushi again, adding a sliver of pomelo would make it look and taste amazing!)


On the Go ~ 2 Bananas

I bought 6 organic bananas at .99/lb while out fruit shopping for tomorrow, so the 2 bananas were about an 80-cent snack. They tided me over until lunch and were perfect while out on the go.

Lunch ~ 2 Oranges

Two oranges yields way more than it seems. Cutting each orange into 8 bite-size pieces fills up my bowl and is filling to me as well.

Update…9:50 pm

Afternoon Snack ~ I deviated!

I had a couple of pieces of toasted pita bread. I could’ve munched on fruit, but really wanted that pita crunch!

Dinner ~ Guava

I’ve actually never had fresh guava either. I’ve had guava juice, so I was expecting the inside to be pink. But I have a different variety. It smells a lot like kiwi, just a real “green” smell. Each bite tastes different! One second, it has the best flavor, kind of pear-like. The next it tastes like an avocado.I figure it was plenty ripe, so… Not really feeling the guava.


The first day went okay. I’m excited about tomorrow’s fruit! To buy just fruit is cool (and simple) on the one hand because I go to only that one area. No going to other aisles for spices, oils, etc. On the other hand, my question was “Is this enough?” as I couldn’t really gauge how much I had. Usually, I buy my regular groceries and only a little fruit ~ enough for a piece or two per day. And there I was buying fruit as my primary food!

It felt like I was snacking all day, rather than having meals. But I’m not big on having complete meals anyway.

I love how eating fruit is an instant energy boost. The energy and the sense of being full enough wore off more quickly, about an hour after eating. So tomorrow I’m just going to go with it ~ eating a least one piece every hour on the hour and see how that goes ~ rather than have the 3 “meals” and with only 1 snack time between each meal.

Even with the pita consumption, I still ate mostly fruit today. I’m excited!


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