Juice Fast: Week 2


Day 8:  October 21

Weight: 145.6 lbs

Today’s Intake:

16 oz Cuke-Apple Zinger (cucumber, apple, & ginger) unpasteurized fresh juice from Whole Foods

32 oz water, plain

24 oz coconut water

32 oz coconut water

32 oz lemon water

32 oz lemon water

So, that’s 168 oz total fluids consumed during the work day

24 oz Mood Lifter juice (orange & grapefruit) from Urban Juicer

Total Fluids: 192 oz

As far as weight loss, I have lost 10 pounds in one week.

I began practicing Ashtanga yoga in July.  I didn’t go to class last week since I was just starting the fast.  I went today though.  Not good.  I got very dizzy and hot, before the actual Primary Series even started. = (  Because I drank so much fluid, way more than my body weight in ounces, I thought I could make it through class.  And I did make it, but I was constantly watching the clock.  I felt like I was in a Bikram hot yoga class.

On the plus side, I did have a little more movement today…must be the old stuff since its so dense.  Just glad something happened.  Things were getting too backed up.

Day 9:  October 22

Weight: 145.8 lbs

Today’s Intake:

32 oz beet-apple juice

24 oz coconut water

64 oz (half gallon) cold-pressed orange juice from Whole Foods

Total Fluids: 120 oz

I want to start back eating, but I’m not ready yet.  Plus, I haven’t gotten any of the benefits I’m seeking so far.  I bought Bernard Jensen’s Juicing Therapy book for inspiration and information at Whole Body, while I was in the area.

Tonight, I took four psyllium husk pills.

Day 10:  October 23

Weight: 145.6 lbs

Today’s Intake:

32 oz apple-kale juice

32 oz lemon water

32 oz lemon water

Total Fluids: 96 oz

I juiced a pint of grapes and figs, too, but the juice went bad before i could drink it.  = /

All the coconut water and just-fruit juices have been great, yummy, and convenient, but I feel the need to start back having green juices every day.  They really pack a powerful punch!  The apple-kale juice really woke me up this morning.

I had great movement today, by the way.  =)

On lunch break, I bought Master Cleanse by Stanley Burroughs at a health food store.  There is so much info in this little yellow book!  I’ve passed it up many times.  Glad I gave it a look this time.  I’m just reading it for some motivation and knowledge…not actually doing the Cleanse right now.

No psyllium husks today.

Grape-fig juice; apple-kale juice

Grape-fig juice; apple-kale juice

Day 11:  October 24

Weight: 144.6 lbs

Today’s Intake:

32 oz apple-kale juice

18 oz apple-kale-beet-lemon juice

32 oz water

32 oz water

Total Fluids:  114 oz

I was regular this morning without taking any psyllium supplements last night, but I took four of them today anyway.

In other news, I started making plans to attend the Raw Living Expo next year!  It looks like it will be a lot of fun.  = )

Apple-kale juice; Apple-kale-beet-lemon juice

Apple-kale juice; Apple-kale-beet-lemon juice

Day 12:  October 25

Weight: 144.4 lbs

Today’s Intake:

20 oz water

32 oz apple-cilantro juice

5 oz pear-cilantro juice

32 oz pear-cilantro juice

32 oz water

Total Fluids: 121 oz

Today — and this may be too TMI — it felt like the pipe unplugged.  I went five times!  I felt LOTS of discomfort in the evening, to the point where I could not sit down straight.  And so I drank more juice, and lots of trapped gas was released.  My stomach was noticeably flatter afterwards.

On a brighter note, I noticed my cheeks were particularly rosy today. = )


Pear-cilantro juice

Pear-cilantro juice

Day 13:  October 26

Weight: 143.2 lbs

Today’s Intake:

32 oz water

24 oz Well Being green juice from Urban Juicer

24 oz Cold Buster fruit juice from Urban Juicer

Total Fluids: 80 oz

My cycle started without the usual cramps.  Love when that happens!  I’ve experienced that on raw vegan stints and pure, whole food eating phases. And…my tummy was super flat this morning, after all the releasing yesterday.

Day 14: October 27

Weight: 142.8 lbs

Today’s Intake:

32 oz water

24 oz water

Total Fluids: 56 oz

Yep, that’s all I had today, and it felt enough.


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