Day 3: Coconut and…


Breakfast ~ 1 young coconut

It was filled to the brim! It’s like a 2-for-1 deal because you drink the water, which is quite a bit, then easily scoop out and eat the jelly-like fruit inside. It’s all-together delicious and fun to eat!

Only $1.99 at the international market, which usually has the best prices for young coconuts. At some of the chain grocery or natural food stores, they can run up to $4!

Update…1:45 pm

Lunch ~ 2 avocados





I wanted something salty for lunch, so I mashed up a couple of  avocados and sprinkled them with sea salt.


Update… 5:30 pm

At 80 cents each, my avocado lunch was only $1.60.









Dinner ~ pomelo, plum

I’m having the rest of my pomelo from Day 1 and a red plum for dinner. The plums were 1.50/lb. I bought 4 for a total of $2.60. The pomelo was $3. Having only half today of it today, I’ll say the pomelo is $1.50. So my dinner was a little over 2 bucks! Sweet!!




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