Day 4: Pear, Plum, …


Breakfast ~ 2 bananas

Being on the go this morning, I grabbed a couple of bananas.

Lunch ~ Korean pear and a side of plum

Another first, Korean pear! It’s much larger than the teardrop-shaped pears. It deserves to be this large — it’s so juicy and delicious!  Also, it has a bit of a nutty taste, like walnuts.The consistency is that of an apple, rather than the gritty-like texture of other pears. Korean pears were $3 each.

I also had some of a plum that was going bad. I salvaged what I could.












Update… 8:15pm

Dinner ~ Fuji apple, 2 plums

I was particularly hungry for dinner. I had my last apple and the last of my plums.









I’m down to my last just-about-everything today. All I have left from Wednesday’s shopping is one of the Korean melons and a bowl of cherries. That will be my breakfast. I’m surprised that all of it lasted as long as it did. No complaints, but I’m actually kinda confused. I thought I’d be way hungrier and tear through it all in a day! I hear of fruitarians eating like 30 bananas a day! Or some other incredible amount of fruit, just to live and not be hungry.

I’m doing well with my “meager” amount. Maybe the “30 bananas” is just a myth. Maybe my mind and body are coping in their own way since it’s just a 7-day long venture. Dunno.

I have noticed that fruit slows me down, more so than eating a salad of greens. It’s a lot of chewing! So whatever hunger I have is gone way before I finish eating all the fruit on my plate. With other foods, I’m liable to eat very quickly, thus still feeling hungry near the end of or after the meal. Hmm…


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