Day 5: Shopping Day


Today’s shopping bought:

3 young coconuts

3 red bell peppers

4 avocados

4 Fuji apples

2 kiwis

for about $16.


Breakfast ~ 2 plums

I had leftovers for breakfast — the rest of the plums I didn’t finish last night. I ate around 11 am. I still have the other Korean melon plus cherries, but I didn’t have much of a taste for either. I decided to wait until I went shopping to eat anything else.

Lunch ~ 1 young coconut

I had a very late lunch, around 3:30 pm, after I got back from shopping at the international market. I couldn’t wait to crack one open!! I was pretty sloth-like until I took a sip, then I felt recharged! I happened to notice that it took about 45 minutes to finish the whole coconut.

Dinner ~ 2 avocados, 1 red bell pepper

Just finished dinner. I had 2 mashed avocados sprinkled with salt plus a side of sliced red bell pepper. I love the way bell pepper smells, and its sweet taste complimented the salty avocados. Great combo!


Update…7:30 pm

Snack ~ 1 young coconut

Working on another coconut. I should really buy a whole case.




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