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Juice Fast: Week 3


Day 15:  October 28

Weight:  142.4 lbs

Today’s Intake:

24 oz water

24 oz water

25 oz apple-kale-lemon-cilantro juice

24 oz apple-kale juice

Total Fluids: 97 oz

At this point, I’m pretty sure I’ll break fast on Saturday.  Things are flowing as they should again, plus I’m ready for food… raw food.

Today, I went shopping for cashews and cold-pressed EVO (olive oil).  Having read Dr. Graham’s 80/10/10 book earlier this year while on an OJ fast, I plan to be more cautious about the heavy-on-the-nuts-and-seeds, high-fat, raw gourmet meals, and keep it simple.

Day 16:  October 29

Weight: 141.8 lbs

Today’s Intake:

48 oz lemon water

24 oz lemon water

35 oz apple-kale juice

48 oz lemon water

Total Fluids: 155 oz

Day 17:  October 30

Weight:  141.6 lbs

24 oz lemon water

24 oz lemon water

32 oz apple-spinach juice

24 oz lemon water

24 oz lemon water

Total Fluids: 128 oz

I took four psyllium husk capsules first thing this morning.

Later on, I thought I kept swallowing bits of something…what, I don’t know.  Then I realized the little thing at the back of my throat (uvula) was the culprit.  It was hanging down on my tongue, as if it has stretched or something.  It’s tickling the back of my throat.  Detox? Dehydration?

In other news, I received my last fruit box of the summer season.  I signed up for a CSA delivery from Avalon Acres twenty-six weeks ago.  I started out with a Produce/Veggie Box, which was amazing!  The spinach and onions were always my faves.  As the season progressed, I would get “tougher” veggies I didn’t really care for or use that much in its raw state.  Those I would typically give away to others in the program. But fruit, I can always use!

Last fruit box of the season: muscadines, scuppernongs, pears, and apples.

Last fruit box of the season: muscadines, scuppernongs, pears, and apples.

Day 18:  October 31

Weight: 140.6 lbs

Today’s Intake:

24 oz lemon water

24 oz lemon water

16 oz  Green Lemonade (cuke, kale, spinach, lemon, & apple) from Whole Foods

24 oz warm acv-ginger-honey-lemon water

Total Fluids:  88 oz

Due to the hanging-uvula issue from yesterday, and doing my own “diagnosis” online, I added apple cider vinegar (ACV) into my fluids because apparently, if the tissues at the back of the throat are inflamed, it can cause such an issue.  There was also mention of being exposed to strep throat, and I have been recently.  The ACV is supposed to take care of the inflammation.

So, I attempted to juice my CSA apples, and they only made applesauce!  Trick or treat, I guess.  lol I poured it in a jar for later, after the fast.

Chopped apples for juicing

Chopped apples for juicing

Juicing not-so-juicy apples = applesauce

Juicing not-so-juicy apples = applesauce

Day 19:  November 1 (Last Full Day on juice!)

Weight:  140.6 lbs

Today’s Intake:

32 oz warm acv-ginger-raw honey water

32 oz warm acv-ginger-raw honey water

32 oz water

16 oz  Hawaiian Pear (pear, kale, pineapple, celery, & spinach) juice from Whole Foods

Total Fluids:  112 oz

Movement! But only a little…

Looking forward to (raw) food!


Juice Fast: Week 1


I started this day with a Strawberry-Kiwi-Lime smoothie.  Hey, I didn’t want to waste my strawberries! And now, begins the juice fast.

Day 1 – October 14

Out of the six quarts of juice I prepared last night,  here’s what I actually drank on Day 1:

All of the Beet juice, Half of the Carrot juice, and some of the Celery-Lime-Basil-Pear.  So, the six quarts were not needed today, BUT I’d rather have too much than run out and feel the need to binge or something.

As for pacing, I drank one and a half quarts of juice during the work day, and I drank the grape juice when i got home at night.


24 oz strawberry-kiwi lime smoothie

1 qt (32 oz) beet juice

1 pt (16 oz) carrot juice

8 oz celery-lime-basil-pear

1 qt (32 oz) grape juice

Total fluids= 112 oz

Starting weight: 155.6 lbs

Weight loss is not really one of my main goals, but it’s always a plus to release excess weight, so I decided to keep up with poundage lost.

Day 2:  October 15

I made raspberry juice out of two 12-ounce packages of raspberries (Driscoll’s) I purchased from Wal-mart.  They actually yielded a lot of juice!  Only drank about half a quart (16 ounces), as it was surprisingly bitter.

IMG_0688 IMG_0690

I attempted to drink my remaining carrot concoction in the evening, but it perhaps went bad, spending most of the day in my lunch box.

Drank the whole quart of the lettuce-apple-pear.

Drank one quart of water.  Had no water yesterday, by the way.

I went grocery shopping and bought 2 packs organic green grapes, 1 pack red grapes, 1 lb muscadine, 1 bunch cilantro, 5 lemons, 5 loose beets,  and 3 lb bag carrots .  Since I was at Whole Foods, I also bought a 20-oz spinach-bell pepper-apple juice, which is made fresh right in front of you.


20 oz Spinach-Bell pepper-Apple juice

16 oz  Carrot juice

32 oz Lettuce-Apple-Pear

Total juice intake (20+16+32) = 68 oz juice

32 oz water

Total fluids = 100 oz

If I follow the drink-half-your-weight-in-ounces rule, I need 77.8 oz of water/liquids each day. (155.6 lbs/2 = 77.8)

I don’t recall being hungry yesterday, but I was pretty hungry by night time tonight.

Day 3 – October 16

Weight: 150.2 lb

I weighed this morning before dressing.  That’s a weight loss of over 5 lbs in two days!

I did a 5-day orange juice fast in January this year.  I aimed for a week and lasted five days. Maybe more on that later!  I find my current juice fast going much easier, perhaps because of the variety, plus there are greens in many of the juices.  Greens supply chlorophyl, which provides an extra boost of energy and vitality

Today’s Intake:

24-oz of lemon water (x3) = 72 oz

1 pint ( 16 oz) of muscadine juice

32 oz of grape & cucumber juice

Total fluids: 120 oz


IMG_0704 IMG_0705

Day 4: October 17

Weight: 148.4 lb

Today was a difficult day, and I thought about ending the fast…even if for a salad! I really wanted some vegan chik patties though, of all things.  I haven’t had one of those in at least a year.

So with the intense cravings for food,  I thought it best to do some more research on juicing, for motivation, encouragement, and knowledge.

I came across this blog and article, which was just what I needed to keep going:


Today’s Intake:

1 pt (16 oz) carrot juice

1 qt (32 oz) apple, cilantro, ginger juice

1 qt (32 oz) lime water

8 oz leftover juice – celery, basil, etc (from Sun)

24 oz orange-grapefruit

Total fluids: 112 oz

I think one of the things that had me a little down about continuing, is all the juicing!  Then it hit me to go buy coconuts! I bought 2 cases of young coconuts(18 at $1.49 each) I THEN went to a local juicer (Urban Juicer) for a 24 oz orange-grapefruit juice called Mood Lifter.  Giving myself a lil break from juicing!

It’s interesting in some of the fasting tips I have read, people recommend at least 100 oz per day, and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing, and it feels enough.

Day 5: October 18

Weight: 147.6

Today’s Intake:

25 oz coconut water

24 oz coconut water

23 oz coconut water

72 oz total coconut water

32 oz water

32 oz water

32 oz water

96 oz total filtered water

Total fluids: 168 oz

Today went much easier, effortless even. No juicing required.

I was extra cognizant about drinking water today since I had a one-hour massage session.  Massages loosen toxins stored in the body, and drinking lots of water is said to flush them out.

I am a little concerned since I have not had a “movement” since Tuesday…4 days ago! Reading some more, I found that some fasters take psyllium husk, bentonite clay, or cascara sagrada for the insoluable fiber that will move stuff out.  Don’t really want to use them.  Never done an enema, but am seriously considering…

Day 6: October 19

Weight: 146.2 lb

Today’s Intake:

40 (2*20oz) oz apple-beet-ginger-lemon juice (Whole Foods)

25 oz coconut water

32 oz lemon water (1 sliced org lemon)

32 oz red globe grape juice

Total fluids: 129 oz total


I went to Whole Body this morning and bought psyllium capsules.  Took only one.  Now the tummy’s not too quite…

I spent most of the day (and last night) searching for raw food recipes, as I intend to be raw after this fast.  Reading the ones on Rawmazing’s site, makes me believe I could go raw for good this time.  I’ve attempted to “go raw” at least a handful of times since becoming vegetarian 4 1/2 years ago.

I’ve literally been combing the internet for Raw Vegan Indian, Mexican, etc and stumbled across other ideas that I wasn’t looking for but will probaly use, like raw bacon or “french fries” out of eggplant.  After, copying and pasting the recipes into a word doc, including the food pic and website as source, I easily had 100 pages!

I took the psyllium capsule around 9 am this morning, and it’s 9 pm…still no movement.  So, I just took a Prunelax tablet.

Day 7: October 20

Weight: 146.2 lb (again)

Today’s intake:

32 oz lemon water

32 oz lemon water

24 oz Urban Juicer cold buster — grapefruit, lemon, apple, ginger

16 oz cold pressed oj from whole foods

Total: 104 oz


Sucess! Some movement in the morning, but nothing to sneeze at, so I took 4 psyllium capsules around 2 pm.

At 4pm, I feel hungry and want to eat…but I’ve only had 68 oz of fluid so far.  Plus, I don’t feel I’ve juiced long enough (7 days) since I’ve not had significant movements. So that compels me to keep going…

I started to stock up on some raw food items while at Whole Foods:  walnuts, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, golden flax seeds, spices & seasonings, raw agave, miso.  My #1 reason for going was for more juice, as I was not in the juicing mindset today.

Now I’m going through the recipes I’ve saved to get a “Round 2” list together of non-perishables I can be stocking up on to be ready after the fast ends.

Juice Fast: Prep Day


It has been exactly two years since I finished my all-fruit experiment.  I’m still very much interested in fruitarian and raw vegan lifestyles.  Looking back, that was so not a lot of fruit each day!!  But it seemed like it at the time. The fruit I eat in one meal now probably equals 2 or 3 days worth of the fruit I ate during the experiment.

I did a long juice fast (3 weeks) in October and kept a journal, which I am excited to document here. = )

One thing I keep hearing some successful raws say is that they first did some type of fast before or during the raw diet, and it helped them to stay raw.  It is not my first juice fast, but my first long one.  I intend to take it one day at a time, fasting anywhere from 7 to 40 days.  So, that’s a couple of my many goals for this juice fast.

Other goals I have are:

  • hydration
  • improved elimination
  • restored 20/20 vision
  • overcome ice eating habit!

My vision is “not that bad”, but I do wear contacts.  When I was high-raw (eating a cooked meal of rice for dinner; all other snacks/meals raw) for 7 or 8 months in 2010, my vision cleared to the point I didn’t need them!

I began preparation for the juice fast itself on Sunday (October 13) — buying any additional organic produce from Whole Foods, as I already get weekly produce boxes from a local CSA, and juicing ahead of time to begin the fast tomorrow.

I find inspiration everywhere.  I thought it synchronistic that my Yahoo horoscope (Gemini) for Monday says:

 You may get caught up in a new passion — possibly related to a new interest of yours, or maybe a cause that hasn’t quite hit the mainstream yet. Things are looking up for you and your people!

“Caught up” indeed!  I was on a juicing frenzy…

Soaking Apples

 IMG_0674 IMG_0676


This frenzy yielded six quarts of juice:

1) Lettuce-apple-pear

2) Celery-Apple

3) Celery-Lime-Basil-Pear

4) Grape-Pear-Cuke-Ginger:  Recipe from The 3-Day Cleanse by Zoe Sakoutis and Erica Huss via Raw Vegan Power 

5) Beets-Pears-Apple

6) Carrots-Pears-Ginger