Juice Fast: Prep Day


It has been exactly two years since I finished my all-fruit experiment.  I’m still very much interested in fruitarian and raw vegan lifestyles.  Looking back, that was so not a lot of fruit each day!!  But it seemed like it at the time. The fruit I eat in one meal now probably equals 2 or 3 days worth of the fruit I ate during the experiment.

I did a long juice fast (3 weeks) in October and kept a journal, which I am excited to document here. = )

One thing I keep hearing some successful raws say is that they first did some type of fast before or during the raw diet, and it helped them to stay raw.  It is not my first juice fast, but my first long one.  I intend to take it one day at a time, fasting anywhere from 7 to 40 days.  So, that’s a couple of my many goals for this juice fast.

Other goals I have are:

  • hydration
  • improved elimination
  • restored 20/20 vision
  • overcome ice eating habit!

My vision is “not that bad”, but I do wear contacts.  When I was high-raw (eating a cooked meal of rice for dinner; all other snacks/meals raw) for 7 or 8 months in 2010, my vision cleared to the point I didn’t need them!

I began preparation for the juice fast itself on Sunday (October 13) — buying any additional organic produce from Whole Foods, as I already get weekly produce boxes from a local CSA, and juicing ahead of time to begin the fast tomorrow.

I find inspiration everywhere.  I thought it synchronistic that my Yahoo horoscope (Gemini) for Monday says:

 You may get caught up in a new passion — possibly related to a new interest of yours, or maybe a cause that hasn’t quite hit the mainstream yet. Things are looking up for you and your people!

“Caught up” indeed!  I was on a juicing frenzy…

Soaking Apples

 IMG_0674 IMG_0676


This frenzy yielded six quarts of juice:

1) Lettuce-apple-pear

2) Celery-Apple

3) Celery-Lime-Basil-Pear

4) Grape-Pear-Cuke-Ginger:  Recipe from The 3-Day Cleanse by Zoe Sakoutis and Erica Huss via Raw Vegan Power 

5) Beets-Pears-Apple

6) Carrots-Pears-Ginger


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