So How Was It?


To answer my most-pressing questions:

Can I live on fruit alone?

Yes! However, it’s not ideal for me at this point. I really missed leafy greens, among other foods.

How much fruit will I need? 

I typically ate 6 to 8 pieces of fruit each day and that sufficed.

How much is this going to cost?

In one week, I spent approximately $50.

Other Observations…
Having been on a raw/living foods plan in the past, I found myself comparing the fruit experiment to those days.
As far as Energy, there were no big changes. Every time I ate, there was this feeling of having a “pick-me-up” as with eating most any other meal. I wasn’t flying high, didn’t have so much energy that I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t feel as energetic as I felt when on a raw/living foods diet, which is comprised of fruits, vegetables, and sprouted nuts & seeds. I did feel quite alert, so maybe the energy changes were on a more subtle level.
Digestion ~ no issues. Fruit is very easy on the stomach. It breaks down quickly. There was also a lack of gas.
Weight Loss ~ about a pound per day. My initial weight was 145.2 lbs. My final weight this morning was 139.0, for a total of 6.2 lbs lost. Not as dramatic of a weight loss as I experienced on a raw food diet, and I’m glad! I’m not trying to lose weight.
Overall, I mostly loved giving this fruit thing a try. I found it too curious to not. Every time I heard of a fruitarian, I thought How does that work? Fruitarians were mystical creatures. I only ever heard of them. So now I’ve had my feel of it. To be and see for yourself…that answers the question!

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