Day 7: The Basics


Breakfast ~ 2 Fuji apples

A bowl of apples for breakfast. No problems finishing them this morning! I was pretty hungry. I didn’t have anything else after the coconut last night, though I meant to. I’m visiting a loved one in the hospital today, so I’m keeping things very simple…apples, bananas, cherries…for the road and at the place.

Weight Loss

My weight this morning was 139.8 lbs. That’s a loss of over 5 pounds in one week. I’ll comment further tomorrow, after my last day of fruit is complete, and I’ve weighed myself again.


Update… 9:30 am 12/15/2011

Snack ~ cherries

I had over a 3-hour drive yesterday. I bagged up the last of the cherries and ate most of them during the trip.

Lunch ~ 2 bananas

The hospital cafe had fresh fruit. Ninety-nine cents per banana! I’m used to the typical 99-cents per pound, but it wasn’t terrible. Lunch was still only a couple of bucks.

Snack/Dinner ~ 2 Fuji apples

I munched on an apple on the way back, then had the last apple once I got back home.




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