Master Cleanse: Day 3


Morning Weigh-In: 149.6 lbs

Today’s Intake:

5:29 am – 1 quart salt water

This morning I prepared three quarts of the lemonade mixture to take to work.  I combined the lemon juice, syrup, and cayenne in each Mason jar, then added the water later, when I was ready to drink it.  Three quarts (or 96 oz) was just enough to get me through the day.  I juiced about two lemons per jar and saved what little leftover juice I had for tonight.

8:03 am – 1 quart lemonade

11:10 am – 1 quart lemonade

1:04 pm – 1 quart lemonade

3:00 pm – 10 oz mint tea

By 4 pm, I wasn’t hungry at all, but all kinds of cravings ran through my mind – spagetti, tortilla chips, etc – but, I wouldn’t dare eat any of that on this cleanse!

4:30 pm – 20 oz water

6:00 pm – 1 quart of water

7:33 pm – 1 quart lemonade

8: 30 pm – 1 cup herbal laxative tea

I bought more maple syrup and more lemons at Whole Foods today.  Third such trip!  I’m keeping a tally.  So far, I’ve bought four bags of organic lemons (7 per bag),  six single lemons, two 12-oz bottles of Grade A maple syrup,  and one 32-oz jar of the same syrup!  The syrup goes more quickly than I thought it would at 2-tbsp per batch, and I’m making three batches per Mason jar quart.  I didn’t think I would need the $18 32-oz jar of it for just ten days, but I do.  Still may have to buy more before it’s over.


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